Greek History: 4 Things that Originated in Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece was a civilisation that existed not only in Greece, but also in some other states that were connected by culture and language. It is generally accepted that the Ancient Greek period extended from around 1200 BCE, to the year 323 BCE. This period of time was characterised by a number of inventions and achievements, many of which can still be found in our everyday lives today. We are so passionate about Greek culture and history, so we have decided to share with you some of the things, from the Olympics to the iconic souvlaki, that originated in Ancient Greece. Read on to discover something new about the civilisation that had such an impact on our world today. Plus, if you’re feeling inspired and craving some authentic Greek food, keep reading to find out where you can get the best souvlaki in Melbourne.

The Olympic Games

Who doesn’t love the Olympics? They showcase not only the best in sporting ability but also in sportsmanship, with so many of the countries of the world coming together once every four years for one purpose. It might surprise you to know that the modern Olympic Games that we know and love, are hugely inspired by the Olympic Games held in Ancient Greece. Indeed, the first known games that we now recognise as the Olympics were held in 776 BC, a date which may not be exact, but is cited in many sources.

There are many elements that featured in ancient Olympic Games that have been carried through to the modern Olympics. For instance, in Ancient Greece, the games were held every four years, an interval known as an Olympiad. Indeed, the site of the original Olympic Games was Olympia, and they were held in honour of the Olympian gods. Further, sports like wrestling and sprinting featured in the original form of the Olympics, two events that are still staples in the games today.


It is widely accepted that the concept that we know as democracy can be attributed to Ancient Greece. While there is evidence elsewhere of the use of a form of democratic government, it is generally believed that many of the fundamental tenets of democracy as we know it originated in Greece, around 508 BCE. It is believed that the first example of a democratic political system can be found in the reformation of the constitution in Athens, by Cleisthenes, who is often regarded as the father of Athenian democracy. This democracy was a direct democracy, which means that the laws and policies were not decided upon by elected individuals, but rather, by gathering a majority opinion from a group of assembled citizens. These citizens included ordinary people, though did exclude many different groups of people, including women, enslaved people, and young people below a certain age. While modern democracy as we know it in Australia has certainly evolved and developed for the better, the general principles of democracy originated in the civilisation we know as Ancient Greece.

Modern Philosophy

Ancient Greece was also known for its love of philosophy and philosophical thinking. Take Socrates, for instance, and you will find that his philosophical thought is still studied today, and is indeed, considered fundamental to modern philosophy. In fact, consider just the word philosophy, and you will find its origins buried deep within Ancient Greece. (Philosophy is derived from the Greek term phile, which means love, and also from the word sophia, which means wisdom). The Greek philosophers were interested in reason, as well as inquiry, neither of which originated in Greek philosophy but are said to still influence modern philosophy today.


the best souvlaki Melbourne

Souvlaki: tender, marinated meat, cooked to perfection, laid in a bed of fresh and crisp vegetables, smothered in the perfect sauce, and wrapped in a pillowy soft pita. Hungry yet?

It’s true, the souvlaki that we all know and love actually has its origins in Ancient Greece. While, once again, exact dates can be patchy, it is acknowledged that there were ancient references to a meal resembling the souvlaki that we know today. The first mention of a meal akin to the souvlaki is widely attributed to a scene in Homer’s Iliad, the Greek epic poem.  While the souvlaki has no doubt changed and evolved a great deal over many a century, it is true that the origins of the dish we know today can be found in ancient times.

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