The 5 Most Iconic Greek Food Delicacies

Who doesn’t love Greek food? Here at It’s Greek, our family loves coming together over a meal as much as any family, so we value sharing our passion for Greek cuisine by serving you the best Greek food in Melbourne. Food is a huge part of the heart and soul of Greek culture, which is why we are so passionate about serving up the finest Greek takeaway: so that you can enjoy an authentic taste of Greece in the comfort of your home.

Keep reading to discover our list of the 5 most iconic Greek delicacies, including the ones you can sample by ordering online!

Greek Food


At It’s Greek, we believe that the souvlaki is the embodiment of Greek food – fresh, colourful ingredients, tender marinated meat, and bright, zesty flavours that dance on the tongue. What more could you ask for?

The souvlaki we all know and love is served in pita bread that is wrapped around flavourful and tender pork, chicken, or lamb, as well as fresh veggies like tomato and onion, accompanied by a sauce such as tzatziki. At It’s Greek, we offer a vegetarian option of haloumi to replace the meat, but the heart of the souvlaki we all know remains. Interested in knowing more about the souvlaki? Take a look at our article on the origin of souvlaki both in Greece and in Australia. Take a moment to learn more about the etymology of the word souvlaki to get a better understanding of what it actually means. 

More than just a wrap, the souvlaki represents the best of Greek cuisine, and when made with love like here at Its Greek, it is simply magic!


Spanakopita is a delicious savoury dish with origins that are said to be traceable back to Ancient Greece. Consisting of a filling of steamed and drained spinach, plus sauteed onions, egg and, traditionally, feta cheese, these ingredients are then encased in flaky phyllo pastry and baked in the oven until crisp and golden brown.

Either served at room temperature, or hot straight from the oven, spanakopita is typically cut into triangles to enjoy as a snack, an appetiser, or even as a main meal. An alternative version of spanakopita can be made to be eaten during periods of religious fasting, which omits both the egg and the cheese.


Baklava is a fan-favourite dessert and a true crowd pleaser. Like in spanakopita, layers of flaky phyllo dough are used to create a kind of baked pie. This sweet dessert is found throughout markets all over Greece, and of course, here at It’s Greek! Traditionally made with 33 layers of phyllo, baklava consists of a tasty filling of finely chopped nuts and raisins, sandwiched between the thin layers of pastry.

Finished with sweet honey syrup, baklava is the ultimate dessert and the perfect accompaniment to a piping hot cup of traditional Greek coffee. Don’t forget that you can also finish off your authentic Greek takeaway from It’s Greek with some delicious baklava too!


Dolmades are a traditional Greek appetiser and are best described as small parcels made from vine leaves wrapped around a filling. Typically, this filling consists of rice, onion, and spices, though it can also include minced meat, pine nuts and currants. Dolmades are hand rolled, placed carefully next to one another seam side down, and then cooked in a pan filled with oil and water until done. The younger cousin of dolmades is called “lahanodolmades”, and these consist of a filling rolled in cabbage leaves. Don’t forget to add some of our authentic dolmades onto your next It’s Greek order!


Also known by their full name, “roxakia”, rox is a sweet treat with origins in the Thessaloniki region of Greece. This cookie is formed from two layers of dough – an inner layer flavoured with cocoa and cinnamon, and an outer layer flavoured with vanilla. In addition to being baked until perfectly cooked, rox are then soaked in a deliciously sweet syrup, and served as a snack or dessert once the syrup is well absorbed.

Fancy a taste of these delicious biscuits at home? Add some rox to your order – they’re the perfect dessert to follow your main meal from It’s Greek. 

Looking for the best Greek food in Melbourne?

If you are craving some delicious Greek food, look no further than It’s Greek. We’re experts in Greek cuisine and are passionate about serving up the freshest, most delicious souvlakis in not just Springvale, but in all of Melbourne! If what you need is an authentic Greek feed, then It’s Greek has you covered there too. Our extensive menu includes plenty of your Greek favourites, from rox to dolmades and of course, our beloved souvlakis.

Make sure to explore the tastiest Greek food near you, and place your order online, or give us a call on 03 9548 5607 and we will happily take care of your order for you.